Title: Freckles
Photographer: Judith Minks
Publishing date: September 2019
Text: Gitte Brugman / Photojournalism
Language: Dutch, English

Design: Sybren Kuiper / -SYB-
Lithography: Sebastiaan Hanekroot / Colour & Books
Printing: Jos Morree / Fine Books
Binding & Production: Wytze Fopma / FopmaWier

Edition: 500 copies in a one-time edition
Size: 416 x 279 x 28 mm
Pages: 74
Cover: Hardcover with blind debossed title
ISBN: 9789090316772

Price: €189
Shipping cost: included in The Netherlands




Her fascination for freckles led to the start of a project in 2017 where she portrayed people with freckles from all parts of the Netherlands using the “beautiful northern light” and a simple studio set-up. Freckled volunteers were photographed in one of her two homes in Harlingen and Vlieland. Princess Alexia did not respond to her invitation to join the project, but with those beautiful freckles, she would have fit in perfectly!

Finally, now that the project is completed, more than 150 people have been portrayed. Beauty spots, brown sugar, tips of steel nerves … just to name a few. Freckles is a Magazineselection of 64 of the resulting portraits of those who are “blessed” with freckles.

Sybren Kuiper, the book designer likens the images to starry skies on cloudless nights, and following this line of thought he and Judith designed and edited this unique book. With the assistance of lithographer Sebastiaan Hanekroot, bookbinder Wytze Fopma, printer Jos Morree, and writer Gitte Brugman, a wonderful and brilliant project has been realized.