In her photographic images and installations Pascale Hustings makes us experience time, space, form and scale in a different way. Her works manifest themselves as three dimensional, flat or they can be re-used and originate a new image. Pascale Hustings appeals to our visual ability to orientate oneself. The suggestions Hustings makes can question how we relate to our perception within an imaginary world.

A fictive address, where the sense of lack and emtyness creates a new world.

The interior is not on the right scale, the exterior appears to be without depth and fantasy scenery seems reality. In photographing thus I strive to appeal to our visual ability to orientate ourselves, I question how we relate to our perception within an imaginairy world.

The subtle way photographs can suggest, deceive, and intertwine together is a source of excitement for me as a maker and what inspires me most about the medium. For me the feel of uniqueness, to be found in this book by the use of polaroids, the handcutting- forms of pages and the use of translucent paper to reveal more layers in the story is of great importance. It is my search for identity and a translation of homelessness, disruption and detachment.

1 e edition : Sold – out
2e edition:  In the making and available on registration.